Antelope Canyon, Arizona: A Visiting Guide

Near Page, Arizona, one of the most visited and more popular places in the LeChee district of the Navajo Nation, you will find Antelope Canyon.

There are many popular canyons in Arizona but Upper and Lower Antelope is by far one of the most popular. You will find people from all over the globe come here to visit this amazing place and allow themselves to capture some of the most breathtaking images your eyes have ever seen.

Permits are required to for entry into both the Upper and the Lower Antelope Canyons and can be obtained from the Antelope Canyon Unit Office. It is a good idea to keep a copy with you as you travel through the area.

antelope-canyonLower Antelope is known for its deep, long, and much more challenging slot canyon with its entrance through a slit of rocks, rocky and uneven ground. Unfortunately, only the first third of the canyon is open to the tourists which is the easiest to travel. The other two areas, the middle and the end, is much more treacherous and requires an experienced climber. Ropes are a must-have. It is a very dangerous area and anyone going in, must take extreme precaution. But the views and the climbs make it worthwhile.

On the Upper Antelope, you will find that it is not as deep or long as other sections of the slot canyon, but it is no less as beautiful as any of the others. You are able to drive your car right up to the front part of the entrance and you will find that the ground is nothing like the Lower Antelope side, it is even and leveled. The more popular tourist season in the summer months, which will require patience on your part if you choose to travel during that time, as it is much more populated with a lot more people making their own way through.

If you choose to hike or camp, then you must obtain a valid permit due simply to the fact that Antelope Canyon lies under the Navajo Lands. It is not very expensive at only $5 a day to hike and then an additional $2.50 per person each night to camp. But there are some restricted areas that camping or hiking aren’t allowed, even with a permit.

Antelope Canyon is an amazing place to visit. When you go, make sure that you have the correct gear to what it is that you will be doing while visiting. Ensure that you are aware of the weather conditions as well.