Grand Canyon Arizona: A Comprehensive Guide for Your First Visit

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One of America’s very first national park is The Grand Canyon National Park. This is also one of the more popular must-see tourist destinations. You will find people from all over the world coming to see this spectacular wonder.

The Grand Canyon is 275 miles long and is between a ¼ of a mile to 15 miles wide, depending on where you are at along the canyon. The Colorado River has cut its way through the gorge making this a natural wonder to behold. You will find it a challenge if you plan to hike down into the gorge as it is right at a mile deep.

The South Rim is opened year-round while the North Rim is closed during the winter season. The South Rim is usually the more popular tourist choice as there are many experiences to be had to learn all about the Canyon. You are able to experience many parts of the Canyon first hand from the South Rim. There is hiking along the trails, photo ops at the observation points, rafting down the river, or taking a short flight in and through the gorge.

The North Rim is much more secluded and less tourist-friendly. It is more guarded against the commercialism that comes with popular places. But if you find yourself fortunate enough to get to the North Rim, be sure to watch the patterns of light on the canyon walls as the night falls.

There is wheelchair accessibility along the South Rim for its visitors that are in need. But be sure you call ahead of time if you need a shuttle bus as they do not run on a daily basis but instead on a need by need basis.

If you plan on staying overnight in the Canyon, you need to make sure you call way ahead and get as much notice as possible. Seeing the sunset and the sunrise is definitely something that I would recommend experiencing while in the Grand Canyon.

No matter if you want to stay and experience the South Rim, with its various opportunities to learn and experience the Canyon or go with the more secluded, ‘natural’ state of the North Rim, the Grand Canyon is one place that you will be sure to have an unforgettable, breathtaking experience!