Top Disc Golf Courses in Wisconsin

Disc golf was created multiple times by several different individuals. It’s a testament to human nature, that the game exists. Competitive sports are deeply human. Those individuals who created disc golf were isolated by geography and time. And officially, the game wasn’t invented until the 1980s. After two important items were patented. The Frisbee in 1966, and the Disc Golf Pole Hole in 1975.

Wisconsin is now home to a few hundred disc golf courses. With so many options, it’s important to know which ones stand out. Here are ten of the absolute best Disc Golf Courses in Wisconsin.

  1. Rollin Ridge, Brillion
    Daily Pass $5 | Annual Pass $80
    Rollin Ridge proclaims itself to be the “premiere disc golf course in Wisconsin” and they’re not wrong. Rated #1 in Wisconsin and #7 in the United States by The Disc Golf Scene, this course is made up of eighteen beautifully constructed holes. Weaving through forest and grassland, this course provides a truly captivating experience. Well worth the daily price of admission and, if you live nearby, it may be worth looking into the annual pass.
  2. Standing Rocks, Stevens Point
    Daily Pass $4 | Season Pass $60
    Nestled in the wondrous Stevens Point forest, this course gets you far away from the sounds of the city. With thirty-three holes and baskets and over 8,900 feet of course, Standing Rocks is a full day play through. Its hills, thick woods, and valley shots provide a good challenge for all skill levels. This course is well groomed by the parks department, leading to consistent play every time.
  3. Zobel Park, Green Lake
    Daily Pass FREE
    This course was created with tournament play in mind. Giving it a professional feel. 18 demanding holes spanning thick woods and open fields make for a challenging experience. Add on to that, stark changes in elevation and you’ll understand why this is one of the most rewarded courses on this list. A course aimed at advanced players, there are some amenities that still make it accessible to newer players. The natural landscape is cart friendly and you’ll find smaller crowds if you go later in the day (Allowing for a more leisurely play through).
  4. Blueberry Hill, Highbridge
    Daily Pass $10
    Spectacular views of Chequamegon National Forest set this course apart from its competitors. A more relaxed experience than some of the other disc golf courses on this list, Blueberry hill is a great option for families or those wanting to take their time. Not to say that this course doesn’t have its fun challenges. You’ll start at the top of the titular hill with a 100 ft elevation drop. If you want to make a weekend of it, there’s also some great camping nearby.
  5. Vollrath Park, Sheboygan
    Daily Pass FREE
    Considered the oldest disc golf course in Wisconsin, Vollrath demands a place on this list for legacy, if nothing else. The course still holds up remarkably well. Locals take the course very seriously, providing a great sense of history. With fun challenges, you’ll have to get creative to end under par. Having Lake Michigan as the backdrop to the course, makes it a must play for any disc golf enthusiast.
  6. Miniwaukan Park, Mukwonago
    Daily Pass FREE
    Surrounded by 100 large oaks, this 18 hole and basket course is perfect. Challenging, well thought out, terrific views, and easy traverse, Miniwaukan Park is endlessly playable. Making the most of its landscape while providing a rewarding experience for all skill levels. A shorter course, it’s very cart friendly, and all tee pads and baskets are clearly marked. One of those courses that you could clear in an hour or spend the whole day exploring.
  7. Fox River County Park, Silver Lake
    Daily Pass FREE
    Founded in 2010, this course shifts between gently rolling hills and moderately wooded terrain. With a few holes surrounded by dense tree lines, every basket has some form of obstacle obstructing it. Very enjoyable and well balanced, it’s difficult to leave the lush greenery after you’ve thrown your last disc
  8. Brown Deer Park, Milwaukee
    Daily Pass $5 | Annual Pass $40
    By far the most challenging play through on this list, Brown Deer Park was a premiere course for the 2007 Am World Championships. Long, open holes, and tight fairways make play particularly tricky. If you like a challenge, you’ve got to make your way out to this course. One bit of advice, check the weather to make sure it hasn’t rained in the last three days. The soil easily soaks up water and will make for a very muddy experience.*Quick note, maintaining each of these courses takes a lot of work from the organizations that run them. For those courses that are free, a small donation is highly recommended. Generally, $5 – $10 per player.