Arizona Limo or Party Bus Rental Tours

Contemporary_party_bus_interior_2013When most people think about Arizona, they think of the Grand Canyon, after all, it is named the Grand Canyon State. But, there is so much more to see in this amazing state and renting a limousine or a party bus rental to take you on a tour is a unique way to see it all.

The Arizona Limousine Tours and Party Bus Rentals help get you to all the places that you may miss just trying to see it all on your own. And taking a limo tour, you are doing it in style.
Any local of Arizona will tell you that there are tons of sights to take in and places to go. The following is just a small list that you can include on your one of a kind tour:

  • Sedona Oak Creek Canyon
  • Grand Canyon Caves
  • Monument Valley
  • Salt River Canyon
  • Sunset Crater
  • Lake Powell
  • Antelope Canyon
  • Saguaro National Park
  • Havasu Canyon
  • Meteor Crater
  • The Painted Desert
  • Salt River Canyon
  • Superstition Mountains
  • The Petrified Forest
  • Chiricahau national Monument
  • Picacho Peak State Park (lots of Pokemon Go players love this place)
  • The Banks of the Colorado River

Once you have had your fill in all of the natural wonders, state parks, and canyons, you will want to check out some of the cultural scenes as well.

Many of the cultural locales are found in the bigger cities like Phoenix, Flagstaff, Chandler, Sedona, and Tucson. Here you will find the finest dining, five-star hotels, and a nightlife that you will be talking about for years to come.

You will soon discover that one of the best things about taking a limousine or party bus rental tour is that it makes no difference where you want to go, you will be able to see the state and all it has to offer in a unique way.

Antelope Canyon

Neantelope-canyon-1501939_960_720ar Page, Arizona, one of the most visited and more popular places in the LeChee district of the Navajo Nation, you will find Antelope Canyon.

There are many popular canyons but Upper and Lower Antelope is by far the most popular. You will find people from all over the globe come here to visit this amazing place and allow themselves to capture some of the most breathtaking images your eyes have ever seen.

Permits are required to for entry into both the Upper and the Lower Antelope Canyons and can be obtained from the Antelope Canyon Unit Office. It is a good idea to keep a copy with you as you travel through the area.

Lower Antelope is known for its deep, long, and much more challenging slot canyon with its entrance through a slit of rocks, rocky and uneven ground. Unfortunately, only the first third of the canyon is open to the tourists which is the easiest to travel. The other two areas, the middle and the end, is much more treacherous and requires an experienced climber. Ropes are a must have. It is a very dangerous area and anyone going in, must take extreme precaution. But the views and the climbs make it worthwhile.

On the Upper Antelope, you will find that it is not as deep or long as other sections of the slot canyon, but it is no less as beautiful as any of the others. You are able to drive your car right up to the front part of the entrance and you will find that the ground is nothing like the Lower Antelope side, it is even and leveled. The more popular tourist season is the summer months, which will require patience on your part if you choose to travel during that time, as it is much more populated with a lot more people making their own way through.

If you choose to hike or camp, then you must obtain a valid permit due simply to the fact that Antelope Canyon lies under the Navajo Lands. It is not very expensive at only $5 a day to hike and then an additional $2.50 per person each night to camp. But there are some restricted areas that camping or hiking aren’t allowed, even with a permit.

Antelope Canyon is an amazing place to visit. When you go, make sure that you have the correct gear to what it is that you will be doing while visiting. Ensure that you are aware of the weather conditions as well.

Visiting Lake Powell

Lake Powell is located in the southwest part of Utah and in Northern Arizona. It is a man-made reservoir on the Colorado River. Lake Powell is part of the Glen Canyon Recreation Area and is clake powellonsidered one of the most beautiful, scenic lakes in the United States.

It is second in size nationwide and has the capacity to store approximately 26,999,814 acre feet of water at its maximum volume. This gorgeous lake has around 1900 miles of shoreline, which is a coast that is larger than the Pacific West Coast.

This lake has about three million visitors each year and is a place that you can enjoy alone, with friends, or with your family with an incredibly wide range of activities.

Lake Powell is well known as a premium fishing destination. As a beginner or an expert fisherman, you have a variety of sucker, carp, and catfish, which are natives to the area, but you can also find interesting species to include bass, bluegill, crappie, and walleye.

If archaeology is your thing, you will be able to discover the backgrounds of the Native American tribes that once inhabited the area. The canyons that run along the Colorado River are quiet witnesses to the inhabitants that lived here long ago. There are pictographs, pot shards, corn cobs, petroglyphs, baskets, storage areas, and dwellings all within this region that unfold into an unforgettable discovery.

Lee’s Ferry is the only available corridor that you will find that goes between Arizona and Utah. You will find it just down the river from Glen Canyon Dam if you don’t mind the drive. Of course, you can take a more natural route and hike in the quiet canyons. Mountain biking can be your third option as you travel along the primitive passageways along the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area.

For overnight adventures, you will find RV park and campground facilities that feature activities such as hunting, fishing, and horseback riding. If you are planning an overnight stay, make sure you pack warm clothes as the temperatures can get down pretty low at night.

No matter where you explore at Lake Powell, you will find a new adventure waiting for you and will want to visit time and time again, as you can never see it all or get enough in just one visit!

Traveling in Arizona

When you are traveling to Arizona, you’ll notice large variations in every region of the state. Arizona is best familiar for the Grand Canyon, a powerful natural feature that’s called one amongst the seven wonders of the globe. Arizona is additionagiant-saguaro-cactus-in-saguaro-national-park-arizonally identified for a range of American history from American Indian heritage to the Wild West and Route sixty-six. In Tucson, in southern Arizona, you’ll notice many cultural landmarks and sensible athletics. Phoenix is best-known for their type of attraction for travelers.

On the Arizona-California border, you’ll visit Yuma which is a desert community. The town experiences gentle climate within the winter that causes an inflow of travelers that just about doubles the city’s population. Yuma is additionally a preferred destination for travelers who prefer to golf since it offers a variety of wonderful courses.

Another well-liked town in southern Arizona is Tucson which has a wonderful cultural scene. The influences of the many cultures are seen within the restaurants, museums and architecture unfold throughout the town. The Saguaro Park nearby offers glorious path hikes that give scenic views of the Arizona skyline. A number of the top ranches and luxury resorts are found in Tucson.
The largest town and city of Arizona is Phoenix. It’s additionally a preferred destination for travelers thanks to its variety of attractions. There are many native golf courses that enable people to play golf year-round. Then there’s the Arizona State Capitol museum and also the deer valley Rock Art Center for people who like indoor attractions.

If you’re searching for family accommodations then you ought to take into account the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort in Phoenix that features a water park with water slide, waterfall, and a river for the whole family. It additionally offers a mini golf course, a computer game area and a program designed specifically for kids.

In Tucson, a wonderful place to stay is the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort that offers lots of activities to keep kids busy. It offers a playground, a club for teenagers, and a waterfall. There’s a croquet court and hiking trails at the edge of the hotel’s property for the adults to decide on from during their stay.

For a far off experience, there’s the c settled in Cochise County. The property is surrounded by both a national forest and also the mountain side. The hotel itself is built out of energy efficient materials and provides a stunning and distinctive accommodation expertise.

For the couples, there’s the Royal Palms Resort and Spa in Phoenix. This hotel features a beautiful Mediterranean vogue with fourteen completely different designer showcase rooms that offer a number of the most dramatic views of any hotel within the valley. it’s the perfect getaway for the traveling couple.

Grand Canyon, Arizona – A Must See

One of America’s very figrand canyonrst national park is The Grand Canyon National Park. This is also one of the more popular must see tourist destinations. You will find people from all over the world coming to see this spectacular wonder.

The Grand Canyon is 275 miles long and is between a ¼ of a mile to 15 miles wide, depending on where you are at along the canyon. The Colorado River has cut its way through the gorge making this a natural wonder to behold. You will find it a challenge if you plan to hike down into the gorge as it is right at a mile deep.

The South Rim is opened year-round while the North Rim is closed during the winter season. The South Rim is usually the more popular tourist choice as there are many experiences to be had to learn all about the Canyon. You are able to experience many parts of the Canyon first hand from the South Rim. There is hiking along the trails, photo ops at the observation points, rafting down the river, or taking a short flight in and through the gorge.

The North Rim is much more secluded and less tourist friendly. It is more guarded against the commercialism that comes with popular places. But if you find yourself fortunate enough to get to the North Rim, be sure to watch the patterns of light on the canyon walls as the night falls.

There is wheelchair accessibility along the South Rim for its visitors that are in need. But be sure you call ahead of time if you need a shuttle bus as they do not run on a daily basis but instead on a need by need basis.

If you plan on staying overnight in the Canyon, you need to make sure you call way ahead and get as much notice as possible. Seeing the sunset and the sunrise is definitely something that I would recommend experiencing while in the Grand Canyon.

No matter if you want to stay and experience the South Rim, with its various opportunities to learn and experience the Canyon or go with the more secluded, ‘natural’ state of the North Rim, the Grand Canyon is one place that you will be sure to have an unforgettable, breathtaking experience!